Industrial Fire Protection System

Combining modern technology with years of experience, Elkhart’s industrial systems are designed for use in many different types of industrial settings, including: refineries, chemical plants, loading docks, tanker berthings, railroad yards, offshore platforms, etc. A complete Elkhart Brass industrial fire suppression system is composed of hardware (water cannon or monitor, nozzle, valve, etc.), electrical capabilities (control system, wiring, etc.), programming, and integration of the hardware and software within the facility. Elkhart customizes all aspects of their approach to deliver an industrial system suited to your needs. Having mdi handle all aspects of your Elkhart Industrial System means your project goes in on schedule, on budget and performs as expected.

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Elkhart Industrial Systems Elkhart Industrial Systems Elkhart Industrial Systems Elkhart Industrial Systems


Electric Remote Controlled Monitor systems are pre-engineered systems specifically designed for hazardous location Class I, Division or Zone 2 environments. Each ERCM includes: monitor / water cannon (85 brass), master stream nozzle (brass*), monitor junction box (stainless steel), monitor motor control panel (stainless steel), and an operator control panel (stainless steel).


Hydraulic Remote Controlled Monitor systems are pre-engineered systems specifically designed for hazardous location Class I, Division 1 environments. Each HRCM includes: monitor / water cannon (85 brass or SS), master stream nozzle (brass), valve & pump box (NEMA 7/4 cast aluminum) with spool assembly (welded steel riser pipe), and operator control panel (NEMA 7/4 or NEMA 4X).


Custom systems are designed and engineered for your specific hazardous location application. This could include anything from gas mitigation to mining operations to marine & saltwater applications. Custom systems allow the user to specify how many monitors per system, the environmental rating, material, actuation type, communication type, etc.

Durable Design
For years of dependable performance and protection in extreme environments.
Complete systems include proven Elkhart components designed for easy and effective plug-and-play operation

Ratings & Certifications
Components meet NFPA/NEC requirements for Class 1 Division 2 service
  • NEMA 4X electrical panels UL labeled for Class 1 Division 2 service
  • All motors UL recognized for Class 1 Division 2 service

Communication Protocol Expertise   Selection
Configurable network communication between control panels
  • RJ 45 network cable connection for distances up to 300' (fiber recommended over 250')
  • SC multi-mode fiber optic connection option included for long distance communication
  • Network cabling infrastructure can be mixed between panels to provide flexibility of installation
  • Ring, star or mixed

Control Customization Options
Specifically provided to meet the unique needs of any application
  • Control panels configurable for either local or remote installation
  • Auxiliary inputs provided for emergency response controls to be added later
  • Addition of more monitors and control panels possible for system expansion
  • Ability to add portable RF or HMI consoles as desired

  • Refineries
  • Chemical plants
  • Offshore platform
  • Loading docks
  • Nuclear plants
  • Railroad yards
  • Sports arenas and entertainment venues

Like sentries, Elkhart’s industrial systems are designed to stand guard over industrial complexes, refineries, chemical plants, loading docks,
tanker berthings, railroad yards, offshore platforms, etc.

A complete Elkhart Brass INDUSTRIAL FIRE PROTECTION SYSTEM is composed of:
  • hardware (monitor, nozzle, valve, etc.)
  • electrical capabilities (control system, wiring, etc.)
  • programming and integration of the equipment within the facility

Utilizing over 20 years of experience in remote control systems, Elkhart Brass customizes all aspects of our approach to deliver a system suited to your needs.
Having Elkhart Brass handle all aspects of your industrial system means your project goes in on schedule, on budget and performs as expected.

When a fire strikes, seconds count

Prompt response can mean the difference between a minor inconvenience and a six-month plant shut-down.
Instantaneous control needs to be in reach, but well out of harm's way.
The Elkhart Brass advanced electronic controls provide prompt and dependable control of potential crisis situations.
That's just one reason why the biggest names in industry protect their physical investments with Elkhart's electronic remote controlled monitor systemss(ERCMs).
They also know that Elkhart has the experience and capabilities to do the entire job right - right from the start and all the way through final installation and service.

Benefits of Elkhart Brass
Leveraging Elkhart Brass’ know-how in the industrial system arena gives you a hassle-free experience.
Elkhart Brass brings all project aspects, from design to manufacturing through programming and support, “under one roof” — assuring your project will:
  • Maintain project integrity through consistent management
  • Achieve more focused cost control
  • Realize on-time delivery and installation

Elkhart Brass utilizes proven modular components — including products certified by CE, U.L. listed, and/or FM approved
— to build systems tailored to your specific requirements.
The Elkhart Brass solution guarantees you receive:
  • Maximum performance
  • Maximum reliability
  • Minimized costs

With Elkhart Brass systems, the instant the system is needed for fire protection or actual firefighting,
the “hardware” (monitors, nozzles, valves, etc.) can be activated from a remote location where the operator can:
turn on the water supply, direct monitors vertically or horizontally, and change the stream pattern of the nozzle — all from a safe distance.
Some standard safety options include:
  • An option that allows the monitor to oscillate automatically, freeing the operator to tend other duties
  • An option for one or more pre-set automatic oscillation arcs for coverage of highest risk areas
  • The option of a secondary control station at another remote location (several monitors can be operated from one control station)

Benefits of Electric Monitors
Electronic monitors offer more control options while maintaining a similar price point to hydraulic monitors.
Additionally, with electronic monitors, the controls themselves are fully integrated into the system.
Some of the highlights of an electric monitor system include:
  • Less costly to install than hydraulic or water-powered monitors
  • Less maintenance than hydraulic or water-powered monitors through the use of industrial hardened electronics
    •    ○ IP68 industrial, over-molded, quick-connect motor cables are fast, error-free, and rugged
  • Less complicated interface to modern operator controls

Benefits of Network Communications
Network communications are adaptable to changing needs while being cost-effective.
  • Due to the cable type/size/conduit, cost savings in the installation phase
  • Allows advanced two-way communications
  • As needs change, the system easily accommodates expansion
  • Easier to build-in safety redundancy and reliability through back-up communications

Environmental Conditions Class 1, Div 1
Class 1, Div 2
Marine Environments
Caustic Gas Environments
Available Flow per Monitor 300 - 2000 GPM
Number of Monitors Unlimited
Available Materials Marine Brass
Stainless Steel
Controls Togge Switch
Touch Screen
Plant Interface (M-Link)
Actuation Options Electric
Hydraulic (for Class 1, Div 1 applications)
Communication Options Electric (Discrete Cable)
Digital Network
Wireless Digital
Voltage Options Support for all AC/DC voltages
Ratings and Certifications CE
FM Approval
UL Listed
Common Elective Features Status and Warning Notification
Panic Button Discharge
Integrated Valve
Power Back-Up
Redundant Controls
Communication Protocols Device Net

Example 1
  • Single network with redundant control locations
  • Challenges: covers multiple areas and functions as a standby for firefighter use
  • Ultra high risk location

Layout Examples for Elkhart Brass Industrial Systems

Example 2
  • Hardwire with single control location
  • Challenges: continuous use and power supply limitations
  • No risk location

Layout Example 2 for Elkhart Brass Industrial Systems

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