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• Elkhart Brass Municipal Full Catalog
• Elkhart Brass Industrial Full Catalog
• Elkhart Brass Fire Apparatus Equipment Full Catalog
• Elkhart Brass Building Systems Full Catalog

Fire Hose Nozzles & Shut-Offs

Water Cannons / Monitors

Foam Eductors

• Foam Supply Kit Catalog
• Portable Foam eductors Catalog
• Built-In Foam Eductor Catalog


• Water Thiefs Catalog
• Plain & Clappered Siamese Catalog
• Valved Siamese Catalog
• Piston Intakes Catalog

Master Stream Nozzles

Apparatus Valves

Apparatus Fittings

• 90° Discharge & Suction Swivel elbows Catalog
• Apparatus Accessories Catalog
• Remote Valve Controls Catalog

Industrial Valves

• Field Adjustable Pressure Reducing valve Catalog
• Field Adjustable Pressure Reducing valve Broucher
• Pressure Reducing valve Catalog
• Pressure Reducing valve Datasheet
• Pressure Restricting valve Catalog
• Angle valve Catalog

Adapters, Caps & Plugs

• Caps and Plugs Catalog
• Hose to Hose Adapters Catalog
• 105A High Rise Drain Elbow Datasheet
• 101A/102A Datasheet
• 111A Datasheet
• Hose to Pipe Adapters Catalog

Building Connections

• Free Standing Inlet Catalog
• Free Standing Outlet Catalog
• Exposed Inlet Catalog
• Exposed Outlet Catalog
• Flush inlet Catalog
• Flush 4-Way Inlet Catalog
• Flush outlet Catalog
• Flush 4-Way Outlet Catalog
• Body Sub-Assemblies Catalog
• Roof Manifolds and Connections Catalog
• Escutcheons Catalog


• Hose and Nozzle Accessories Catalog
• Flow Gauges Catalog
• 228A Line Gauge Datasheet
• Standpipe Flowmeter Flyer
• Special Tools Catalog
• Wrenches Catalog
• Field Service Kits Catalog

Fire Hose Reels Available from mdi

Hannay - Fire Hose Reels
Hannay Fire Hose Reels
Hannay Fire Rescue Hose Reels make deployment and pickup times faster so you and your crew can work more effectively and efficiently when every second counts.