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• Elkhart Brass Full Catalog

Fire Hose Nozzles & Shut-Offs

Water Cannons / Monitors

Foam Eductors

• Foam Supply Kit Catalog
• Portable Foam eductors Catalog
• Built-In Foam Eductor Catalog


• Water Thiefs Catalog
• Plain & Clappered Siamese Catalog
• Valved Siamese Catalog
• Piston Intakes Catalog

Master Stream Nozzles

Apparatus Valves

Apparatus Fittings

• 90° Discharge & Suction Swivel elbows Catalog
• Apparatus Accessories Catalog
• Remote Valve Controls Catalog

Industrial Valves

• Field Adjustable Pressure Reducing valve Catalog
• Field Adjustable Pressure Reducing valve Broucher
• Pressure Reducing valve Catalog
• Pressure Reducing valve Datasheet
• Pressure Restricting valve Catalog
• Angle valve Catalog

Adapters, Caps & Plugs

• Caps and Plugs Catalog
• Hose to Hose Adapters Catalog
• 105A High Rise Drain Elbow Datasheet
• 101A/102A Datasheet
• 111A Datasheet
• Hose to Pipe Adapters Catalog

Building Connections

• Free Standing Inlet Catalog
• Free Standing Outlet Catalog
• Exposed Inlet Catalog
• Exposed Outlet Catalog
• Flush inlet Catalog
• Flush 4-Way Inlet Catalog
• Flush outlet Catalog
• Flush 4-Way Outlet Catalog
• Body Sub-Assemblies Catalog
• Roof Manifolds and Connections Catalog
• Escutcheons Catalog


• Hose and Nozzle Accessories Catalog
• Flow Gauges Catalog
• 228A Line Gauge Datasheet
• Standpipe Flowmeter Flyer
• Special Tools Catalog
• Wrenches Catalog
• Field Service Kits Catalog

Fire Hose Reels Available from mdi

Hannay Fire Hose Reels
Hannay Fire Hose Reels
Coxreels Fire Hose Reels
Coxreels Hose Reels